I was seven months out from a hysterectomy and major pelvic floor repair when I contacted Provenance Rehabilitation. All had gone well with my surgical recovery – except for resuming intercourse with my husband. Intercourse was painful for me and not enjoyable for my husband, as he was concerned about hurting me. I was afraid I’d have to have more surgery to fix the problem. Jenny Hunt skillfully guided me through several sessions in her office and gave me homework to do to resolve my issues. After only four in-office sessions and a few weeks of at-home therapy, I am pleased to say that we are once again all systems go! I’m very thankful that Jenny Hunt made it possible for me to get back to normal so efficiently and comfortably. My husband may just send her a thank you note!

L.L. of Atlanta, GA, May 2022

Dr. Carrie Dendtler has changed my life for the better. Dr. Dendtler has done her job in improving my pelvic floor function, which was the original reason for my visit. But her therapy is not just about the pelvic floor; it has permeated all areas of my life. This is much more about stress management, finding an appropriate diet, and improving mental and physical health. Treating pelvic floor dysfunction is not just doing daily kegels; it is about managing our daily habits and finding ways to give us fulfilling lives. I cannot recommend Dr. Carrie Dendtler enough! Her knowledge and compassion have drastically improved my quality of life.

It’s hard to find the right words to express how grateful I am.

Anonymous, March 2022

I was three months post prostatectomy and still struggling with urinary incontinence. Dr. Jennifer Hunt’s practice was recommended to me by a good friend. I made an appointment and received an insightful and thorough evaluation by Dr. Hunt. She then outlined an exercise program to address my specific issues. Within a two week period, the program delivered the exact results I was hoping for. She is amazing in what she does.

P.F. of Atlanta, GA, August 2021

Working with Carrie was one of the best self-care decisions I’ve ever made. After years of frustration and feeling like I should know how to fix my issues, I was floored by Carrie’s wealth of knowledge and new ideas she imparted in each session. Carrie listened intently to my personal circumstances and custom tailored my program and home exercises to my needs. She evaluated my progress at each session, took detailed notes, and followed up with a written detailed plan to help me with the work I need to continue on my own! I couldn’t be happier and recommend her to my friends almost daily!

Anonymous, July 2021

My unexpected battle with Prostate Cancer was life changing both physically and mentally in so many ways. After my prostatectomy, I never imagined that the recovery would be so challenging as a healthy young man. Thanks to Heather’s amazing knowledge base and skill set, she has helped me navigate a relatively quick and almost complete physical recovery. Her bedside manner is second to none and I am so appreciative of the time spent to get my life back to normal. I highly recommend Heather at Provenance Rehabilitation due to their specialization in pelvic floor rehab. Thanks again!

T.P. of Atlanta, GA, June 2021

Carrie was so helpful and guided me through the process of treating my pelvic pain. There is a psychological element to pelvic pain and she was a great coach throughout the process. During appointments, we formed a language to discuss what I was experiencing, and through the exercises she assigned as “homework”, I was able to continue to work on unraveling the pain by identifying and strengthening the muscles. Ultimately, I was able to un-code what my body was trying to communicate and am now pain-free. That journey and Carrie’s thoughtful guidance were more life-changing than I could have ever anticipated and an experience I will never forget.

C.G. of Atlanta, GA, April 2021

Working with Carrie postpartum was great! She put me at ease throughout my appointments, was very attentive, and answered all my questions. Because of our sessions, I feel confident that my body is recovering well and that I have excellent tools to prepare my body for future babies.

T.O.J. of Atlanta, GA, November 2020

This therapy has been amazing. Biggest proof point so far is two days in a row of jumping on the trampoline with my kids with NO leakage! It may sound silly, but I can’t express how happy I was to see the joy on their faces when they realized I could join the fun again. To not feel self-conscious or embarrassed, and just be able to play hard with my 2nd and 4th graders like I used to is such a huge relief.

K. O. of Roswell, GA, May 2020

Dr. Heather Draper was very welcoming during my first visit. It’s easy to see that she is very educated in her field. During every visit, she takes her time to explain everything and doesn’t rush through the appointment. Definitely recommend!

Anonymous, July 2019

Jenny Hunt and Provenance Rehabilitation are awesome. Truly a life-changer regarding my pelvic floor dysfunction issues (previously misdiagnosed as interstitial cystitis). What is inherently an awkward and painful situation is handled and treated so professionally and compassionately. Although my symptoms do occasionally flare up, they are just that…occasional. Before my first appointment with Jenny, I thought I was going to have to live with the pain. Although physical therapy isn’t always the fastest treatment we’d like, it has definitely been the best choice for me.

S.H. of Cumming, GA, July 2019

I had been married for three years and unable to have sex with my husband. I was finally referred to Provenance Rehabilitation, and I left my first appointment at Provenance Rehab full of hope for the very first time. Now I am able to have intercourse with my husband without pain, and I will forever be grateful!

A.D. of Roswell, GA, June 2019

I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosis about four years ago. In addition to constant flair-ups and irritation, intercourse was extremely painful due to the thinning of the lining of the vulva which caused it to tear and scar. After about a month of treatment with at Provenance Rehabilitation, we saw considerable improvement. Having physical therapy has extended the time I have to be sexually active, and I am grateful to Jennifer for helping us.

Suzanne of Atlanta, GA, June 2019

I had chronic pain that felt like glass shards in my bladder, and I had trouble emptying my bladder. I went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, and from there I was referred to Provenance Rehabilitation. After that first appointment, for the first time in four years I experienced some relief. With continued treatment and some very helpful home exercises, my pain has continued to improve. It is the only thing that has helped me and has allowed me to regain the quality of life that I want.

T.G. of Buford, GA, June 2019

I am a physical therapist myself and I can absolutely confirm Jenny’s expertise and professionalism. I was made to feel comfortable from the very beginning. I highly recommend Jenny and her practice and would absolutely use her again if needed.

J.H. of Alpharetta, GA, May 2019

I saw three different medical providers who could not find a reason for my pain and I was referred to Provenance Rehabilitation. Jenny was compassionate and very professional. Being under her care improved my life greatly.

M.O. of Atlanta, GA, May 2019