Blossom Yoga Class

Led by Donna Wise, Certified Yoga Instructor, Provenance offers a focused, gentle yoga practice every Wednesday from 5:45 PM – 7:00 PM. With a spotlight on relaxation, stability, and pelvic floor awareness, these mindful yoga classes help all participants with balance, posture, and strength to aid their pelvic health practice for just $10 a class.

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 Healthy Moms Postpartum PT Screening

Healthy Moms is an individualized postpartum screening for common conditions including diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, and more. This wellness program provides one-on-one education about appropriate exercise, healthy bowel and bladder habits to promote pelvic health, and guidance toward more services if indicated by the postpartum screening.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is often part of a comprehensive pelvic health regime, based on a client’s individual needs. Megan Domingue, Licensed Massage Therapist, partners with Provenance Rehabilitation to help clients achieve relief from pain. Massage is used to release trigger points that are causing pain, target specific areas of tension within muscles that are contributing to pain and dysfunction, and promote general relaxation that can help improve patient outcomes.

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Wellness Class

A free local class for new moms and moms-to-be, the Pregnancy and Postpartum wellness program is hosted monthly by Dr. Jennifer Hunt of Provenance. Join us for an in-depth Q&A about healing after delivery, appropriate exercise during and after pregnancy, pelvic floor muscle strengthening, and so much more.

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