Praise for Provenance

“I have been married for three years and not been able to successfully have sexual intercourse with my husband. It caused way too much pain and discomfort every time we tried. I began wondering what is wrong with me and how such a natural process seemed so impossible for us. Due to the embarrassment of my situation, I had not shared my predicament with anyone for two years. I finally opened up to my primary care physician and she told me to “Just relax and have some wine.” Clearly, that did nothing.

I researched my symptoms online and for the first time realized that I was not alone. When I finally had a pap smear done for the first time, it was so painful, that I was crying and in a tremendous amount of pain. That’s when my gynecologist finally referred me to Jenny. My diagnosis was vaginismus, when your vagina muscles spasm when something is entering it, which can cause mild discomfort to severe pain. I never heard about this before, but here I was, finding myself with this impossible situation.

I was very nervous going into my first appointment, but from the moment I met Jenny, her friendliness and kind demeanor put me at ease. She explained to me what was physically going on with my pelvic floor muscles and how they had been in tension my whole life. Upon examination, we found that I had a severe case of vaginismus, but Jenny assured me that with physical therapy it would soon all change and that I would no longer have any pain upon intercourse. I left that first appointment full of hope, for the very first time.

Over the course of four months, I had my physical therapy sessions with Jenny and I was never nervous for any appointment. She is very knowledgeable, kind, patient, and makes you feel so encouraged. None of my sessions were ever awkward and every appointment there was progress from the previous one. Today, I can say that I am able to have sexual intercourse with my husband and it’s pain-free! What a gift Jenny has given me–I will forever be grateful for her and her work with me.”

– Alexandra