Lori Frechtman

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Behind the scenes, but critical to the success of our practice, Lori Frechtman brings a varied background in health care management to the role that keeps our practice organized and focused on delivering a positive experience for each patient. Prior to joining Provenance, Lori spent several years in assisted-living communities, addressing the needs of residents and designing programs to enrich their daily lives while increasing involvement and self-esteem. Previously, she worked as a hospital patient liaison tasked with improving patient satisfaction. Lori graduated from Tufts University with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and she has enhanced her credentials with post-graduate studies in Medical Humanities at Drew University and Health Services Administration at the New School for Social Research in New York City.

Lori enjoys meeting and talking to people; she is detail-oriented and patient-centered. Our practice runs smoothly due to her diligence, consistency, and strong organizational skills. When not at work, Lori enjoys spending time with her family, taking long walks, and reading.